1. The Maine Coon, America's Native Longhair - by Mike and Trish Simpson, Cheeptrills Maine Coons. A presentation of our wonderful breed, the history, appearance and personality of the Maine Coon Cat.
  2. Of Cats and Queens - by Mary L. Daniels. An interesting story about a possible connection between Marie Antoinette of France and the Maine Coon Cats in the USA.
  3. How to Find a Maine Coon Kitten - by Cat Moody, Stormwatch Maine Coons. Lots of advice for the aspiring kitten buyer, about health, breeders, ethics, cost, showing and much more.
  4. Care, Health, and Safety - by Trish Simpson, Cheeptrills Maine Coons. Once you get a kitty, here's a lot of advice on how to care properly for it.
  5. Veterinary Guidelines for Maine Coon Breeders - by Mary D. McCauley, D.V.M. - Kenland Maine Coon Cats. Read about parasites, genetic disorders, breeding and other points of veterinary interest.
  6. Photo Presentation of Maine Coons - I didn't know Maine Coons came in that color. 
    See the diversity of colors of this breed.
  7. The Non-Profit Business of Breeding Cats - by Liz Hansen, Chemicoon Maine Coons. This article covers some of the expenses of breeding cats.
  8. What Color is My Cat - by Beth Hicks, TICA judge - Cats come in an amazing variety of colors and patterns. Excellent article with photos of many different colors and patterns of cats.
  9. Maine Coon Seminar - by Beth Hicks, TICA judge - Discussion and photos of Maine Coon Breed Standards. (Seminar in English, German, Japanese, and Spanish)

  10. Our Yankee Cat Goes National - by Jane S. Martinke - Cats Magazine Article from 1969


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