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*New* Maine Coon Brochure

These brochures detail the breed & our association. There is a section on the back for breeders to include their business card. Photos within the brochure are of CFA and TICA recent, top-winning cats of various colors. The brochure also includes health info & recommendations for potential buyers when researching a cattery. 

25 brochures are $8 includes shipping and handling. A minimum of 25 copies per order. A Full Breeder Member or Provisional Member of MCBFA may order.   

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Caring For, Breeding, and Showing Your Maine Coon Cat

 A manual of basic information necessary to maintain, breed, raise, show, and sell Maine Coons in a manner consistent with MCBFA's Code of Ethics. Price: $10.00 plus postage.

Genetics For the Maine Coon Cat Breeder

 A research publication explaining, in understandable language, the basics of genetics in cats. By Amanda Thomas.
 Price: Members of all divisions $6.00 plus postage & Non-Members $10.00 plus postage. 

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Books About the Maine Coon Cat

In association with, we'd like to present our selection of books about Maine Coon cats which are carried by

bulletMaine Coon Cats: Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Reproduction, Diseases, and Behavior (A Complete Pet Owner's Manual), Carol Himsel Daly, 1995. This is an excellent modern guide for the pet owner, with many color photos of beautiful cats.
bulletThat Yankee Cat: The Maine Coon, Marilis Hornidge, 1992 (3rd edition). This book's particular strength is its evocation of the breed's roots in Maine culture, with many fine tales about those wonderful "shags". Many pictures of Maine Coon cats, both historical and modern. The best book for stories and history of the Maine Coon cat.
bulletThis Is the Maine Coon Cat, Sharon P. Bass. Reprinted in 1990, this book has actually not been updated (to our knowledge) since its original edition in 1983. A fine book for its time, with many color illustrations of cats that grace our pedigrees now. Sections on showing practices and the like are a little out of date.
bulletGuide to Owning a Maine Coon Cat, Abigail Greene, 1997.
bulletHurray For Christopher: The Story of a Maine Coon Cat, Virginia Langley. This is an absolutely adorable book, and should be read to every Maine Coon lover's kids! Unfortunately out of print, but worth asking Amazon to search for a used edition.
bulletMaine Coon Cats (Cats), Stuart A. Kallen, 1996. This is listed as a child's book, reading level 4-8 years.

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