MCBFA Celebrates it's Members Achievements 

These Award Winning Cats were bred or owned by MCBFA Members. 
Cats are listed in the order the information was received. 

2004-2005 Winners

RW, GC Rumford's Starburst

TICA 2004-2005
9th Best Kitten Great Lakes Region
Best Maine Coon Kitten Great Lakes Region
Brown Classic Torbie with White Female
Owner/Breeder: Caron and Steven Gray



CFA 2004-2005
National 2nd BEST CAT
Breed Winner Best Maine Coon
Brown Classic Tabby  with White Male
Breeder: G-K Bowman & M-N Auspitz
Owner: Martha & Norman Auspitz


GC, NW, BW Tuvets Martha’s Pick of Abizaq
"AKA Panda"


Codycats Van Helsing of Blackhorn

TICA 2004-2005
19th Best Kitten Mid Atlantic Region 
13th Best Longhair Kitten 
Best Red Classic Tabby
Red Classic Tabby Male
Owner: Linda & David Browning
Breeder: Maryrose Sanchez



CFA 2004-2005
15th Best Premier Nationally
Red Classic Tabby with White Male
Owner: N. Rollings/S. Boulter/D. Hinton
Breeder: Stephanie Boulter

GP, NW Tropikoons Beach Bum



Heartshaven Benneton of Codycats

TICA 2004-2005
20th Best Longhair Northeast Region
Best Silver Mackerel Tabby with White 
Silver Mackerel Tabby with White Male
Owner : Maryrose Sanchez
Breeder: Coleena Hanson



CFA 2004-2005
18th Best Premier Nationally
7th Best Premier Southern Region
BOB Premier Southern Region
Brown Classic Tabby & White
Owner: R. & K. Cajigas & S. Boulter
Breeder: Donna Hinton

 Nascat Jordache of Tropikoons



Coonbitzky's Dillon the Bandit,
Life Time Achievement Award

TICA 2004-2005 
16th Best AB Cat Great Lakes Region
10th Best LH Cat

Breeder/Owner: Joe and Laura Kembitzky




CFA 2004-2005
11th Best Kitten in Southern Region
2004 CFA International
Highest Scoring Maine Coon Kitten 
5th Highest Scoring Allbreed Kitten
Silver Classic Tabby with White Male
Breeder/Owner: Stephanie Boulter

GC,RW Tropikoons Long John Silver



Codycats Dumbledore of Mainetales

TICA 2004-2005
16th Best Alter Northeast Region
2nd Best MC Alter Northeast Region
Brown Classic Tabby Male
Owner: Susan Erikson
Breeder: Maryrose Sanchez



CFA 2004-2005
25th Best Cat North Atlantic Region
Brown Classic Tabby 
Owner: Sharon Crowley
Breeder: Maryrose Sanchez

Codycats Hendrickson of Dracoonfly



RW, SGC Velvet Jewels Cullinan

TICA 2004-2005 
13th Best Long Hair Cat
Northern Europe Region
Brown Classic and White Tabby Male
Owner: Kathryn Atkinson
Breeder: Roxann and Van Rokicki



CFA 2004-2005
22nd Best Kitten Gulf Shore 
19th Best Cat Gulf Shore Region 
Best Brown Tabby & White 
2nd Best Maine Coon
Brown Classic Tabby & White Male
Owner: Donna Hinton/Noreene Rollings
Breeder: Stephanie Boulter

 Tropikoons TrakrsRumRunr of NascatX



Velvet Jewels Diamond Jim Brodie

TICA 2004-2005
12th Best Alter Great Lakes Region 
Brown Classic and White Tabby Male
Owner: Carol Smith
Breeder: Roxann & Van Rokicki



CFA 2004-2005
Best Maine Coon International Division
10th Best Adult - DW
Best OMCC National
Black Smoke White
Owner: Chris Braun
Breeder: Chris Braun

CFA GC, DW Magic Merlin's Shadaloo



SGC, RW Calicoon Robby of Dixiekatz

TICA 2004-2005
Best MC Southeast Region 
4th Best LH Cat Southeast Region
11th Best Cat Southeast Region
Brown Mackerel Tabby Male
Owner: Toni Scarboro (PBM)
Breeder: Lynne Sherer



CFA 2004-2005
National 17th Best Kitten
Brown Mackerel Tabby with White Female
Breeder/Owner: G-K Bowman

GC, NW Tuvets Rags and Riches


IW, SGCA Pinecoon Rolling Thunder

TICA 2004-2005
9th Best International Alter
Best MC International Alter
3rd Best Alter Northwest Region 
Best MC Alter Northwest Region 
Brown Classic Tabby Male
Owner: Blair & Susan Milburn
Breeder: Betsy & Dave Tinney



CFA 2004-2005
Southern Region 3rd Best of Breed
Red Classic Tabby Male
Breeder/Owner: Cain Haley

GC, CH Panther Hill Reginald
"AKA Reggie"


RW, SGCA Smokeycoons Ruger

TICA 2004-2005
16th Best Kitten Northwest Region
2nd Best MC Kitten Northwest Region
Brown Classic Tabby & White Male
Owner: Blair & Susan Milburn
Breeder: Elaine & Fred Weitz



CFA 2004-2005
2nd Best OMCC National
Best OMCC Southern Region
Black Smoke
Breeder: Tylene Mackay & Alexis Mitchell
Owner: Tylene Mackay

GC, GP Tymack's Southern Night


RW, SGA Calicoon Dakota's Got Milk

TICA 2004-2005 
8th Best Alter Great Lakes Region
Best GL Regional Maine Coon Alter
Black and White Female
Owner: Vivian Frawley
Breeder: Lynne Sherer



TICA 2004-2005
14th Best Cat Great Lakes Region
2nd Best MC Great Lakes Region
Best Silver Torbie with White MC Nationally
Owner: Anne Papalanus
Breeder:  Susan Mawby


 Puddleduck Galetea of Mainastasia



RW, SGC Tabbeyrd Ringo Starr
 aka "Moof"

TICA 2004-2005
11th Best Kitten Northeast Region
15th Best LH Cat Northeast Region 
Brown Classic Tabby Male
Breeder/Owner: Cheryl & John Kominos



TICA 2004-2005
Best Cat Mid-Atlantic
4th Best Kitten in Mid-Atlantic Region
Best Maine Coon in Mid-Atlantic Region
17th Best Long Hair Cat Internationally
Best Silver Classic with White Internationally
Breeder: Teri Matzkin
Owner: Phyliss Kennedy

IW, SGC SaraJen Boswell SB of Terracoon 



IW, SGC Broadsway Redding

TICA 2004-2005 
International 8th Best Kitten
International 8th Best Cat
Northeast Region Best Kitten
Northeast Region 2nd Best Cat
Solid Red
Breeder/Owner: Jennifer Sable and Jean Thompson

2003-2004 Winners



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