Buyer Responsibilities

  1. If you have decided to buy a Maine Coon kitten, the following are your responsibilities:
  2. Unless special arrangements are made with the breeder in advance, kittens should be paid for  before shipping and the buyer should expect to pay all shipping charges. The buyer should also be prepared to pay for a rabies shot if it is required for shipping.

  3. The buyer should be prepared to supply an airline carrier for shipping. The buyer may use his     own carrier, supply funds for the breeder to purchase one, or in some cases borrow one from the breeder.
  4. The buyer should be waiting at the freight office to pick up the kitten. As soon as possible, the buyer must notify the breeder, by telephone, that the kitten has arrived.
  5. MCBFA recommends that the kitten be examined by a veterinarian within 48 hours of its arrival (excluding Sundays and holidays). Thereafter, a vet's services should be used whenever necessary.
  6. The buyer should expect the kitten to be nervous and off its diet for a day or so, until it becomes accustomed to its new surroundings. Do not feed the kitten immediately upon its arrival; offer it only fresh water. The kitten should be kept in a small, quiet area with water and its litter box until it begins to become adjusted.
  7. Your cat should be combed often enough to keep it free of hair mats. Provide companionship every day.

MCBFA's Guarantee

Should a veterinarian find a cat or kitten in ill health within 48 hours of arrival (excluding Sundays and holidays), the breeder shall be responsible for any related vet's bills. However, the buyer must immediately notify the breeder by phone of any illness or other problems.

If requested, the buyer must provide the breeder with a written vet's report. Should a cat or kitten die from an illness contracted prior to shipment, the breeder must replace the cat with one of equal value, or refund the purchase price plus cost of shipping. The total liability of the breeder shall in no case exceed the purchase price plus cost of shipping.

The Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association as an organization subscribes to the Guarantee above, and each of its individual members is expected to abide by it. Members failing to adhere to the MCBFA Guarantee will be subject to action by the association.

The purchase of a cat or kitten should be handled as any business transaction and be fully documented in writing. For the protection of all concerned, the use of sales contracts between buyer and seller is strongly urged. MCBFA regrets that it cannot be responsible for the liabilities of its individual members.

MCBFA attempts to ensure that healthy kittens are sold by its member catteries, but MCBFA cannot guarantee the show or breeding potential of those kittens. MCBFA strongly recommends that any purchaser becomes well informed about the Maine Coon Standard and the meaning of cat show awards before acquiring a show/breeding cat or kitten.




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